February 2020

Recorded on January 22nd, 2020

Dear PCPC Bookstore Insider,

As Valentine’s Day approaches and the need for a gift is at hand, may this quote by John Bunyan (though he wasn’t talking about presents) be your guide.

Great grace and small gifts are better than great gifts and no grace. — John Bunyan, 1628-1688

Visit the Bookstore for great presents! Seek the Lord for grace and gifts.

December 2019

Recorded on November 25th, 2019

The King is Coming! Merry Christmas Everyone!

November 2019

Recorded on October 28th, 2019

It’s Here! My Heart Cries Out: Gospel Meditations for Everyday Life

Paul Tripp’s newest devotional is $14 in store.

October 2019

Recorded on September 13th, 2019

September 2019

Recorded on September 5th, 2019

Dear Bookstore Friends,

We have a new database at PCPC through which we send this monthly email. Our hope is that you receive it, but only once.

Grace to all, right?

August 2019

Recorded on July 30th, 2019

July 2019

Recorded on June 24th, 2019

June 2019

Recorded on June 4th, 2019

Challenge yourself to some serious summer reading!

May 2019

Recorded on April 9th, 2019

Graduations are here. Come pick up a life-giving devotional for your grad and perhaps Welcome to Adulting: Navigating Faith, Friendships, Finances and the Future by JP Pokluda who leads The Porch, a gathering for Young Adults at Watermark.

April 2019

Recorded on April 8th, 2019

Need something nourishing to put in their Easter baskets? Get them a book. We recommend The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross.

Plan to join us next week in the Sanctuary at noon each day (just for 30 minutes) as we focus our minds and hearts on the climax of God’s covenant love to us — the death and resurrection of His Son that gives us LIFE!

March 2019

Recorded on February 22nd, 2019

Lent begins March 6.

We have a number of excellent devotionals including…

Keep reading good books!

February 2019

Recorded on January 24th, 2019

We’re looking at Love from different angles this month. Faithfulness on the Frontline teaches us about loving others where we are and with the resources God has already given us. Ashley Hales, author of Finding Holy in the Suburbs, applies this to our neighborhoods. And Michael Card will help us look at God’s Lovingkindness to us in Inexpressible.

December 2018

Recorded on November 20th, 2018

Dear PCPC Bookstore Insider,

Advent begins this Sunday. Come see what devotionals we have in store. Find one for yourself or to read as a family. We also have new children’s books that would make excellent gifts.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Christmas Special!

Recorded on November 13th, 2018

Dear PCPC Bookstore Insider,

We’re sending you an extra email this month so we can offer you half off the new ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal Set from Crossway or any Crossway Bible at 50% discount. Email us at bookstore@pcpc.org with your order. All orders must be in by Wednesday, November 28 so we can have them ready for you to pick up on Sunday, December 9. (If they arrive sooner, we will contact you.)

Forward this message to your friends!

November 2018

Recorded on October 18th, 2018

Dear PCPC Bookstore Insider,

We strive to give you the best of the Christian book market at competitive prices. Because we have already included tax and shipping, what you see is what you pay. We’re also here to help. Email us with questions at any time at bookstore@pcpc.org or search our inventory at pcpcbookstore.org.

See you soon!