PCPC Bookstore Update: April 2017
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Dear PCPC Bookstore Insider,

Hopefully, if you’re a regular visitor, you’ve seen the red book truck filled with Easter books for children and adults. If you have not been in, come visit us. You will soon notice a new look to the store that is, hopefully, more browsing friendly.

Come on down!

What’s New?


To the Cross

by Christopher Wright


This book is a short read and perfect for Holy Week. Let it draw you to the cross. In the appendix Wright explains for pastors his approach to preaching this final week of Jesus’s life.


The Blessing of Humility

by Jerry Bridges


Humility is probably the one trait a Christian is called to that is the most counter-cultural and, as Bridges argues, not an option for a believer to reject. Bridges uses the Beatitudes to walk us through how one acquires humility. Though it is short and conversational in its prose, it is by no means a casual read. It will challenge you as a believer and call you to hard things!


Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel

by Ray Ortlund


What makes this book on marriage different? It comes from the series Short Studies in Biblical Theology from Crossway. This series is, "designed to help readers see the whole Bible as a unified story culminating in Jesus Christ. Written by trusted scholars, each volume traces an important topic through God’s Word and explores its significance for the Christian life." Ortlund will give us a tour through the storyline of marriage from Genesis, through the Law, Wisdom books and the Prophets, then into the New Testament before leaving us with the personal implications of all we have just learned, and all in 117 pages.


Created and Creating: A Biblical Theology of Culture

by William Edgar


Pastor Bill Lamberth highly recommends this read. Bill Edgar, esteemed professor of Apologetics at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, gives us this summary of his book, “Its thesis is simple: the cultural mandate declared at the dawn of human history and reiterated through the different episodes of redemptive history, culminating in Jesus’s Great Commission, is the central calling for humanity. The reader is invited to think of various applications of that theology.” Find Bill Edgar’s many other works in our Apologetics section.


Finding Forgiveness: Discovering the Healing Power of the Gospel

by Stanley Gale


Stanley Gale has pastored Reformed Presbyterian Church of Westchester, PA for 30 years. With a pastor’s heart he instructs and converses with us on biblical forgiveness. This is not a book that will mire the reader in shame; rather, it offers hope – the hope we only find in the gospel. If you are wrestling with forgiveness, come and get this little gem.


Portraits of Faith: What Five Biblical Characters Teach Us About Our Life with God

by Joel Beeke


Joel Beeke, pastor and scholar, is probably the leading modern day expert on the Puritans. While his study of them seems to influence and pervade his own writings, this book is not about the Puritans at all. In this short, quick and engrossing read, Beeke uses five biblical characters to invite us to explore our own faith as we put ourselves in the shoes of Adam and Eve, the Shunammite Woman, the Canaanite Woman and Caleb. Study questions make this a brilliant five week series for a small group.


The Person of Jesus: Radio Addresses on the Deity of Our Savior

by J. Gresham Machen


J. Gresham Machen, founder of Westminster Theological Seminary and champion for the purity of Orthodox Christianity, gave these radio addresses on the person of Christ in early 1935. Machen spent his career defending and protecting the church against liberalism in the same way we still are today! Paul Miller (A Praying Life, $10) says, “Reading this book is like reading C.S. Lewis.” Find Machen’s other works in our Historical Works section.


Feasting with Christ: Meditations on the Lord’s Supper

by Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley


You may never view taking Communion in the same way again. With over 60 short meditations on the Lord’s Supper from fathers of our faith, you will gain instruction in how to prepare your heart for the feast, how to take the sacrament and how to reflect upon it afterwards. A gift to the modern church.


Rules for Walking in Fellowship

by John Owen


Reformation Heritage Books has produced a series called Puritan Treasures for Today. We were particularly interested in this one. Immensely practical for our relationships today and in only 90 pages, this is John Owen in bite-size.


The Forgotten Fear: Where Have All the God-fearers Gone?

by Albert N. Martin


If we’re serious about our relationship with the Lord and our Christian walk, we must have a proper fear of the Lord. What does that mean? What does that look like? Albert Martin, another wise pastor who is steeped in the Puritans, Ryle, Murray, M’Cheyne and Warfield, brings the fullness of his knowledge and wisdom to reason with us. Here is a sample, > …the first step into any sin where there is inducement to sin, is the eradication of our sense of the immediate presence of God. Think about it. Many of the sins we commit would be prevented or stopped simply by the presence of another human being… What effect would it have on us if we had an all-pervasive sense of the presence of God? (p 71).

For the Littlest Theologians


The Parable of the Lily

by Liz Curtis Higgs


This Easter classic for children is in its 20th year! This story continues to delight another generation who learn of God’s love and mercy through this parable.


The Tortoise and the Hare

by Robin Lewis and Janet Stutts


Beautifully illustrated, this book comes from a series by Hathaway House, Ltd. whose mission it is to “publish time-honored tales, which promote noble character, increasing discernment, and lasting understanding in the child.” Each of these adapted classics concludes with a verse from Proverbs applicable to the moral of the story. Find other titles by Hathaway House on our shelves.


You can find Providence Christian School’s children’s hymnal for sale in the Bookstore/Library.

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