PCPC Bookstore Update: May 2018
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Dear PCPC Bookstore Insider,

It’s graduation season and Mother’s Day is just a couple weeks away. Browse the store for a gift they can use for a lifetime. While you’re there, check out these new titles.

See you soon!

What’s New?


ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

by Crossway


Know anyone who paints, is a calligrapher or is just generally creative? Here’s a great gift or a gift in the making — a Bible with an entirely blank canvas from front to back. Here’s an idea… make a memory for Mom!


Beginning with God: A Basic Introduction to the Christian Faith

by James W. Sire


Arm your graduate with this short, easy to read book by former IVP editor and apologist James Sire that they might be "prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you".


In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character

by Jen Wilkin


Not just for women though the cover might suggest so. We could all be reminded of 10 characteristics of who God is.


The Gospel Comes with a House Key

by Rosaria Butterfield


This book just came out and it is already a best seller on Amazon. As I type this we have it cheaper, so come get it from us!


Lewis on the Christian Life: Becoming Truly Human in the Presence of God

by Joe Rigney


New from the Theologians on the Christian Life Series.


Mom, Dad… What’s S_x?

by Jessica Thompson and Joel Fitzpatrick


Sister and brother (who went to seminary with our own Rev. Matt Fray) thought this topic important enough to team up. This book includes very relevant conversations to our current cultural situation, conversations they are having and you probably are too. (We edited the title to evade your spam blockers.)


God’s Grace in Your Suffering

by David Powlison


David Powlison, Director of the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, has three new books out, each hovering around 100 pages but packed with 30+ years of wisdom and insight gleaned from walking alongside people in hard places. Besides this featured title, you can find How Does Sanctification Work? ($9) and Making All Things New: Restoring Joy to the Sxually Broken ($11) in the store. Dr. Powlison’s book Good and Angry ($12) has been a consistently sought resource from the store.


Approaching Philosophy of Religion

by Anthony Thiselton


An invaluable resource for students beginning in Philosophy and for their parents who may need to refresh or start from scratch. This book goes beyond the Greek philosophers to cover world religions. Though this book encapsulates Thiselton’s entire life’s work, teaching and learning, it is mercifully brief and hits the highlights one needs to know.



by Vern Poythress


Despite his many degrees and four decades of teaching at Westminster Theological Seminary, Vern Poythress has a pastoral manner which makes him so enjoyable to read. His newest book has little to do with Mother’s Day or Graduation but was too exciting to not share with you. A Theophany, God’s appearing to his people prior to the birth of Christ, is made fresh as Poythress explores each of these vignettes as they occur in scripture and then gives implications for our lives today.

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