PCPC Bookstore Update: May 2019
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Graduations are here. Come pick up a life-giving devotional for your grad and perhaps Welcome to Adulting: Navigating Faith, Friendships, Finances and the Future by JP Pokluda who leads The Porch, a gathering for Young Adults at Watermark.

What’s New?


The Power of Christian Contentment: Finding Deeper, Richer, Christ-Centered Joy

by Andrew M. Davis


Using the Puritan work by Jeremiah Burroughs, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Andrew Davis helps us to see how we can, like the Apostle Paul, be content in all circumstances (Phil 4:11).


None Greater: The Undomesticated Attributes of God

by Matthew Barrett


"Perhaps not since R.C. Sproul has there been a treatment of such deep theology with such careful devotion and accessibility. Read this book. And stagger." — Jared Wilson


Discovering the Good Life: The Surprising Riches Available in Christ

by Tim Savage


"This volume is a real accomplishment — ultimately an apologetic for the Christian life." — Timothy Keller


Confronting Old Testament Controversies

by Tremper Longman


"…this book is written for the church and not the broader culture… It evaluates attempts from within the evangelical church to reinterpret texts in a way that is more culturally acceptable. We will look at what I consider to be the four most controversial issues in the Old Testament (Creation and Evolution, the veracity of the Old Testament, Divine Violence, and Homos_xuality)." - Longman, from the Introduction


Parenting with Loving Correction: Practical Help for Raising Young Children

by Sam Crabtree


Really short. Intensely practical.

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